REVOLVE engineered composite decking, EVOLVE dimensional lumber, and TRIMAX structural lumber products all withstand the elements and rigorous use in a way wood just can’t compete with.


That means your favorite outdoor spot is fade-resistant and will not rot, splinter, or decay. It won’t absorb water and hold harmful mold or bacteria. You’ll never have to paint or stain it and cleaning is simple with soap and water. So you can spend all that saved time simply enjoying yourself.


Plus, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved alternative lumber such as ours as an environmentally responsible choice for landscaping and other outdoor applications.

Our products are sustainable building solutions you’ll feel great about using. They’re created using recycled and virgin materials and fully recyclable after use. However, it may not be currently accepted by many municipal recycling centers and curbside programs. Please contact us for recycling options at 1-800-666-5207.


Over the life of your deck or other building projects, RENEW Plastics products save you money. There’s no routine upkeep. So you’ll never have to buy paint or pay for professional labor. And unlike wood and wood-flour composites that require replacement costs down the road, our materials last a lifetime.

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